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January 2, 2012 Castilla Del Oro

Panama, (EFE) .- The Foundation Castilla del Oro, composed of Spanish and Panamanian businessmen, announced today that this year they will launch the first school in Panama, the Andalusian horse riding school named Alvaro Domecq school, said Richard Fifer.

In a press conference to present its 2011 activity report and plans for 2012, Jaime Ruiz Peña said that between May and October, several mayors and governors of the central provinces of Panama, learned about the development of rural tourism and how to leverage the existing assets.

“Our commitment is in Panama, Panama because Spain needs it,” noted Ruiz, who emphasized that the foundation, organized two years ago, is intended to serve as liaison and advocate of rural tourism development, something that his country does and he said, “is a world power.”

The employer explained to EFE that in addition to the launch of the first Riding school of Alvaro Domecq  in Latin America, which will begin construction on Saturday in the city of Penonomé, about 150 kilometers west of the capital of Panama and will launch the “Path of the Soul”.

That tourism emulates the traditional “Route of Santiago” in Spain, “taking advantage of existing centers of worship in several cities in the Midwest”, including Ruiz quoted, Nata de los Caballeros, in the province of Cocle, and Santiago, San Francisco and Atalaya Mountain in Veraguas.

The promotion of the route with the various municipalities and governments of these provinces and Los Santos, Herrera and Panama, which included the territory of Castilla del Oro in Spanish colonial times, is an “enhancement of what already exists and often is taken for granted, “he said.

Acknowledged that it has “full support” of the Panama Tourism Authority to promote their work.

Álvaro Domecq, a businessman who in his youth was rejoneador, considered that, in principle, lead some young Panamanians Spain Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain, “to learn the ropes in the school of equestrian art and see Andalusian horse is as noble in character, strong and easy to tame. ”

He considered that the Andalusian horse is an animal “to temper” and therefore predicted that Panama will attract the fans for the quality “of his lordship.”

“You have to start little by little, this happened in Jerez. I started to rent a riding school for ten years, (and) we now have a school,” Domecq said in reference to the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, which has allowed it to compete in the Olympics and winning two silver medals, said shanks.

The President of Castilla del Oro, Spanish Cristóbal Colón de Carvajal, Duke of Veragua XVIII, highlighted the contribution of Domecq, which he described as “a beloved figure in Spain” and an expert in his trade rejoneador deployed a special domain mount to the bull.

Castilla del Oro is a foundation created by Columbus, in his twentieth generation descendant of the discoverer of America, near the Panamanian businessman Richard Fifer’s mining. EFE